Welfare and Development Policy of Khcgroup Sustainable Personnel

    Workers are the resources and determinants of business development. Khcgroup builds and develops a team of excellent experts in key areas, creating an attractive, professional and friendly working environment thanks to the following motto, criteria, policies and regimes: WARRANTY BENEFITS AND COMPLIANCE FOR LABORERS

    Khcgroup appreciates the values ​​created by employees and contributes to businesses, regardless of nationality, age, gender, and qualifications. The Group manages and evaluates employees according to their productivity and performance, providing fair opportunities for all staff and employees in the process of working, and facilitating them to develop their capabilities. max. Human resource recruitment and development strategy:

    • Attract and welcome all candidates who have the desire and ability to work in a dynamic, fast, creative and effective environment
    • Public recruitment process degree, competency and ability to contribute
    • Create a professional, modern working environment, harmoniously combine the interests of businesses with the benefits of officials and employees < / li>
    • Focus on the development of human resources through the effective implementation of training policies, improve knowledge and professional qualifications for officials and employees, prioritize recruitment of employees leadership from internal potential staff
    • Encourage and sponsor workers to attend training courses tailored to each individual’s career development plan and create opportunities for fish n different work experience sets to gain practical knowledge
    • Ask direct leaders for class to provide professional training for staff, subordinate staff and related departments ; regularly invite scholars and excellent researchers to share knowledge for Khcgroups.

    Employee benefits and work environment

    In 2017, Khcgroup continues to be voted Top 10 Enterprises for Employees by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and Labor Newspaper, honored as Vietnam’s Best Workplace in the fields Real Estate, Retail and Tourism sectors are organized by the Anphabe career community network in collaboration with market research firm Nielsen. These awards recognize the determination to build a professional and modern working environment with a reasonable welfare regime, harmonizing the interests of the Group and its employees. & Nbsp;

    Working mode

    The Khcgroup Group operates 8 hours a day, 5.5 days a week (for the Administration Division – Office) and 6 days / week (for the Service Division). Officials and employees are entitled to the regime of holidays, leave, and private leave, which are entitled to full pay according to the provisions of the Labor Law.

    Working conditions

    With a commitment to building a professional working environment, the Group has arranged working offices for spacious and spacious staff and employees. Officials and staff are equipped with modern working equipment, and have regular health checks. For officials and employees directly under the service sector, the Group is fully equipped with uniforms, means, labor protection and labor hygiene equipment.

    Labor rules

    The Group and its member companies are very focused on building the Labor Rules in accordance with the Law.

    Allowance mode

    • Mobile allowance
    • Lunch allowance
    • Gas allowance / travel allowance
    • Transportation support officers, employees

       Salary and insurance, benefits

    The Group maintains a higher salary for staff and employees compared to the general salary level of businesses in the same sector in the market. In order to attract talents, the Group has a particularly competitive salary policy for good personnel, with extensive experience in relevant fields, on the one hand to retain officials and employees, on the other hand to “move sergeant “, attracting good manpower from various sources to work for the Group.

    The deduction of Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance is fully implemented in accordance with the law. In addition, the Group has cooperated with Bao Viet Group to build these

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