Vingroup sponsors career seminars for Vietnamese students

    Brands Employers are the attractive value of the company to current employees as well as potential candidates. In addition to advanced practical activities Employer Brand for employees in the group, Vingroup also promotes activities to attract talents outside the base to meet the growing speed. strong in scale and business.

    Recently, Vingroup has sponsored and participated in the activities of two Career Workshops, “Career Fair 2015” by VietAboarder and “Connect the Dots 2015” organized by UK Alumni and British Council. These are the two biggest career seminars of the year for young people and international students, which attract nearly 1,000 Vietnamese students who have graduated or are studying prestigious universities in big countries. such as English, American, Russian, French, Australian … attended.

    At the event, Vingroup participated in seminars, seminars, as sponsors, giving advice on business orientation of students; Organize private workshop and visit office to introduce the vision, mission, ideals, core values ​​and culture, working environment at the Group to interested candidates. In addition, the candidates were also shared about recruitment opportunities, directly consulted, applied, and attended preliminary interviews with representatives of Vingroup.

    The attractiveness of Vingroup’s Recruitment Brand shows that Vingroup’s workshops and recruitment tables always receive a large number of candidates. Specifically, only in the framework of these two events, Vingroup has attracted more than 300 candidate applications directly at the recruitment consulting desk, collecting more than 1500 online applications. This will be a potential candidate for a large, multi-industry enterprise like Vingroup.

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